Kandra Banx and Samantha Sin

Lesbianteenhunter: Kandra Banx and Samantha Sin

I wonder how many times stuff like this actually happens… how many times a young college girl has been seduced in to a night of lesbian sex after getting a little bit too drunk. It probably happens a whole lot more than you and I know about… but with the Lesbian Teen Hunter crew in town it happens so often there might be a law against it soon! But lets hope not, because I can’t get enough of seeing these experienced lesbian babes taking the younger ones under their wing… if you know what I mean.
It’s really a public service that the people from Lesbian Teen Hunter are doing here, and even though they probably won’t be getting any awards from it they still have my respect! How else can the younger generation of lesbian girls learn the art of pussy licking and dildo fucking if they don’t have good teachers like these?!? And without them we wouldn’t get the chance to see Kandra Banx and Samantha Sin looking so fucking sexy together!

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Natalia Rossi & Jesse Capelli hot movie

Lesbianteenhunter: Natalia Rossi & Jesse Capelli

You can never judge a book by it’s cover you know? And that has never been more true than right here in this Lesbian Teen Hunter scene with Natalia Rossi and Jesse Capelli. You see, Jesse and the crew were out on the streets again looking for a hot teen to seduce, and when Natalia showed up they thought she would be a good challenge. She looks sweet and innocent, and of course she says she has never done anything like this before… she is not that kind of girl, all of the usual talk. But by the end of this scene everyone has their doubts about how much of a good girl she really is.
But Jesse doesn’t seem to mind at all, that just means less time and effort spent trying to seduce her and more time getting down to business with tongues, toys, and fingers! This could be the start of a beautiful friendship between this unlikely couple… an older, more experienced, babe with fake tits and tattoos all over the place with a sweet looking college girl who just needs someone to teach her about lesbian love!

Melissa Jacobs & Madison Parker

Lesbianteenhunter: Melissa Jacobs & Madison Parkery

This scene from Lesbian Teen Hunter is more than just a love story… it is a story of good old American hospitality, and the willingness of ordinary people to show newcomers what it means to live in the USA. Well, actually it’s just a wet and wild lesbian dildo fucking scene featuring Melissa Jacobs and Madison Parker, but it still has some elements of a cross-border love affair I suppose. It happened like this: Madison is a Russian exchange student staying with a friend of Melissa’s, and she was getting bored at home with nothing to do.
So, as all good Americans do, Melissa saw someone in need and decided to help out! They took a trip to the Lesbian Teen Hunter studio where Melissa works and of course Madison started to get more interested about what goes on in there. It really didn’t take much effort to seduce this cute Russian girl in to a day of lesbian pussy licking and dildo fun… after all, it was either this or sit at home watching TV, and I know which one I would choose too!

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Jazzy Belin & Aiden Ashley episode

Lesbianteenhunter: Jazzy Belin & Aiden Ashley

Have you ever heard people say that all women are lesbians? Well, that’s not quite true, some women go both ways… and some just need a little bit of convincing before going down for some clit licking, pussy munching, wet and wild lesbian fun! And that’s where the folks from Lesbian Teen Hunter come in to action. They are always on the lookout for a fresh piece of pussy to seduce, and Jazzy Belin walked right in to their trap.
This sweet looking young brunette was a little bit shy at first and unsure of the whole situation… but that didn’t last too long, she couldn’t resist the chance to experience her first lesbian action. Her teacher for today is Aiden Ashley, an experienced busty blonde babe from Lesbian Teen Hunter who has had her fair share of young pussy over the years… and she isn’t going to stop any time soon either. The taste of fresh young pussy juice is all Aiden needs, she could probably live on that stuff!

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